Caffeine Calculator

Caffeine calculator, calculate your daily total caffeine

This is a quick caffeine calculator to help you calculate your daily caffeine intake. To calculate your total caffeine, you only need to select the items you consume today, and that’s it. You are done.

Using this calculator, you can immediately know whether you should stop your daily cups or whether you can continue to enjoy them. You only need to select, select, and select, and the remaining calculator will help you deal with it. Finally, you will get your total daily caffeine intake.

  1. You need to select how many beverages you consume today.
  2. And then your work is done!

The calculator will deal with the data derived from the USDA Food Data Central Database and show you the total content of caffeine you intake today. It is easy enough, isn’t it?

For an example:

Today I have two espresso shots and a bottle of Cola.

  1. In the ‘espresso’ column, I choose 2.
  2. In the ‘Cola’ column, I choose 1.

Finally, it will show the result is 157 mg of caffeine intake.

Caffeine Intake Calculator

For ease of use, we limit the number of all beverages to between 0 and 10. What? You said you drank 11 cups of drip coffee today! You must be crazy!

We currently offer three types of beverages, coffee drinks, teas, and sodas.

Coffee drinks include brewed coffee, decaf brewed coffee, espresso, instant coffee, and decaf instant coffee. Teas include black tea, green tea, and decaf black tea. Sodas include cola and root beer.

If you feel that the listed beverages are not enough to meet your needs, you can contact us, and we will consider the option of adding a calculator.

What Is Caffeine Exactly?

Caffeine is the worldwide most popular psychotropic drug and is widely known for its ability to relieve fatigue. It is a compound naturally found in tea leaves, coffee beans, and some lesser-known plants.

Studies have shown that an appropriate dose of caffeine can improve concentration, memory, reaction time, motor coordination, and wakefulness.

In addition, moderate caffeine consumption has been shown to have many benefits on health, as follows:

  • Related to the lower risk of type 2 diabetes;
  • Decrease the cortisol response;
  • Stimulate the metabolic response;
  • Related to reducing the risk of dementia.

    Over-Consumption Of Caffeine?

    Although caffeine has many health benefits, excessive intake can cause problems, such as irritation of the digestive tract, causing anxiety, sleep disruption, and increased blood pressure.

    If you experience the following signs, they show that you have over-consumed caffeine. All you need to do is to stop continuing to consume it immediately. The symptoms are as follows:

    • Discomfort stomach (excessive stimulation of the stomach);
    • Sleep interruption;
    • Feel anxious, irritable;
    • Feeling over-excited and fast heartbeat.

    Keep in mind that the amount of caffeine required to produce these effects varies from person to person, depending on body size, health status, and tolerance level. If you are sensitive to caffeine and easily become over-excited, you may need to stay away from coffee.

    Medical Disclaimer: By using this calculator, you agree to our terms of use. The calculator only helps you calculate the total amount of your daily caffeine intake. If you want to know safe and moderate intake value, you should consult a physician according to your health.


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